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This morning I asked Kagiso about his golfing prowess and he wrote the following which I have posted on Facebook; I thought you may be interested in seeing the post. I’m also attaching his photo.

We congratulate Kagiso Bogapane (Grade 9, Highlands North) on his golfing prowess. He writes as follows:

“On my second official year of playing golf, I was sent to Cape Town by the South African Golf Development Board for my first golf camp. I was sent onto the same camp to Cape Town the following year because of my excellent progress.

My home club is the Wanderers Golf Club….I started off there as a handicap of 24 but I am now a handicap of 12. My goal is to become a single handicap before January next year and I would say it’s looking rather promising, because I recently dropped to a handicap 12 from a handicap10.

My dream is to become a professional golfer, but if that does not turn out well, I know I’ll be a chartered accountant.”