Robert Legh

It was with very great sadness that we learnt that, after a protracted stay in ICU, Robert Legh, one of our Council members succumbed to Covid 19. His loss will be keenly felt by his family and friends, by the AEC, and, indeed, on the national stage. As Chairman and Senior Partner of Bowmans, he engaged with the government and was instrumental in drafting some key legislation.

The AEC has been blessed to have worked with a giant of a man physically and intellectually, one who at the same time lived humbly, touched many lives and truly led a life of significance. He was invested fully in the necessity of a sound education and its value in uplifting young people from underprivileged backgrounds, hence his commitment to upholding Deane Yates’ legacy both on the AEC Council and the Deane Yates Trust. The article below gives an indication of the measure of this real gentleman: