Donors and sponsors are essential for the survival of the AEC and for us to be able to continue to educate, mentor and develop the youth of Alexandra. By becoming our donor you will be assured that the your monetary gift will go towards the placement of students in stable school environments. Your donation that these children will be guided through the entire secondary school phase and graduate to become valuable contributors in the community and society as a whole.

As a sponsor you are able to choose where you would like to place your support. The following options are available:

  • Saturday School
  • Maths & English Teacher Development
  • Holiday School
  • Bursaries

You can also donate monthly or give a once-off donation.

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  • Join a committee

We are always on the look-out for professionals who would give their time, insight and energy to the following sub-committees:

  • Mentorship
  • Fundraising
  • Alumni
  • Finance
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Teach At Holiday and Saturday School

We are looking for skilled teachers to teach in the following gateway subjects: English, maths, physical science, accounting and computers.

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Mentor A Child

With the many challenges our AEC learners face, they take great comfort in knowing a capable and caring adult will be there for them. Mentors from all walks of life offer career guidance, pep talks and “an ear” for our learners. We arrange a few functions a year where mentors and children get together to form a bond.

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Become A Crowdfunding Champion

Each year, it costs us about R30 000 to send a child to school. This includes fees, transport, one meal a day, uniforms and field trips. We are looking for crowdfunding champions to raise this amount for us. It’s a super efficient, fun and easy way of raising money for the AEC.

Here’s a few ways being a crowdfunding champion works:

  • Say for instance you are a master knitter. You could register on our page, and challenge yourself to make 50 blankets in 8 months. Ask your friends to back you by donating money. Not only would the funds go to us, but you may decide to give blankets to the homeless.
  • You love cycling and have signed-up for the 94.7 cycle race. Do it in our name and ask your friends to donate to this cause.
  • Your birthday is coming up and instead of people buying you gifts, they could donate directly through you to AEC.

Register as one of our champions on BackaBuddy and find us here.

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