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Our Purpose

At AEC we believe that true potential is released through education, hence our purpose is to provide excellent education and psychosocial support for school children from disadvantaged backgrounds in and around Alexandra Township. By focusing our efforts on the children and youth of the community, we know that the next generation will be more empowered to create and embrace lasting positive changes. A prosperous Alexandra leads to a better South Africa for all.

Identifying high potential school children

Granting bursaries to these individuals for the full five years of high school at quality schools

Providing necessary support to ensure the sustainable success of the bursars

This support includes not only bursaries, but one meal a day, transport, school uniform and field trips.
Our three most important responsibilities are:

Assessing potential

Enhancing life chances by opening doors

Co-walking the journey with our children

Selection Of Bursary Recipients

During their grade 6 year, potential AEC bursars are carefully selected from 19 primary schools in and around Alexandra, Johannesburg. In their grade 7 year, these potential bursary candidates attend Saturday School in English and Maths. Top performers are then offered bursaries for their entire high school careers. They are also provided with uniforms, transport money, text books, stationery and food. Additional needs such as eye-glasses, urgent medical visits and field trips are also considered. We focus on supporting their psycho-social, economic and clinical needs so they can focus on excelling. After all, excellence emerging from adversity is the bedrock of our nation.

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Our History

The Alexandra Education Committee (AEC), was founded in 1996 by Deane Yates. It is a proven and well-managed school bursary scheme, where promising learners from Alexandra, Johannesburg, are provided with quality secondary school education. In addition to being put through high school, learners are given extensive support through our Saturday and holiday programmes,  counselling and mentorship, as well as extra lessons in subjects they find challenging.  The AEC also runs monthly maths and English development workshops for primary school teachers in Alexandra.  The AEC is a registered PBO (930-000-698) and NPO (025-968). The Constitution was upgraded in 2019 and is upheld by a professional Council and dedicated Sub-Committees.

The History Of Alexandra

Alexandra is the oldest South African township, having started as a small enclave in 1912 and eventually developing into one of the most vibrant communities in South Africa with a population of over 500 000. It has been described by Nelson Mandela as “exhilarating and precarious”. The area has consistently seen a high unemployment rate. Of course the unemployment rates  also deepen the poverty level in the township and leave many households unable to provide for their most basic needs.

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