The AEC exists to provide bursaries for academically promising learners from low-income families in Alexandra for the full five years of education at well-resourced high schools. The learners attend weekly Saturday School lessons in key subjects.

Alexandra Education Committee

Enriching Lives Through Education

The Alexandra Education Committee (AEC) is a secondary school bursary scheme as well as a support programme for children in and around the Alexandra Township. The AEC focuses on providing quality education as a means of enriching the children’s lives and helping them build a better future.

The AEC sponsors 230 secondary pupils and provides not only for their school fees but also uniforms, stationery, transport and the necessary IT devices, such as laptops and tablets. It is our aim to support as many children from the community as is financially possible, hence we also hold Saturday school programmes, holiday programmes as well as Maths, English and Science workshops for primary school teachers from Alexandra.

The AEC is constantly looking to grow and expand our reach to more children in need in and around the Alexandra Township. With your support we can fulfil not only the dreams of the children who will one day lead our country, but also the dreams of their parents and families as well as the community at large.

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